Nars - Scarlett empress

You reminded me of an innocent girl trying to cover up her deepest and darkest secrets. The type of girl that dressed into one monotone colour and always dressed and felt nothing more like the colours of the grayscale. She was a confident colour but mainly she wasn’t outstanding like brightness of a rose. It wasn’t those types of purple that you dont get to see everyday. It was the closest thing to my favorite color. Black. Unlike black I’ve always seen that colour as hate, dark, vengeance, anger and spite. This colour was different and I find it most vulnerable but I still see strength. It reminded me of a timid person yet I still see her looking beautiful as always. You were nothing more than a different shade of lipstick. You are a Scarlett empress.

Yesterday was good and it was even better until the night time happened. Earlier that day, I had some old friends, visited me at work and they told me that wonderland was up today. And who couldn’t turned down such a good time. So shay, CED and I went to Halloween haunt and an infinity amount of rides multiple times. Ofcourse, went to almost every haunted house. I was pretty tired but wasn’t ready to go home after everything. I was quite pissed about last night. So tell me whatd you think about this:

When a person tells you to come and then tells you not to come after when you’re already at the location to meet up. Ofcourse youre gonna get pissed.

The worst part of it, was having to go all the way from the other side of the world and when I got there.. The trains weren’t operating afterwards. So id had to mission and take the STUPID night buses like no tomorrow and ended up getting home around 340 in the morning. Partially, it was my fault for making SOME DAMN STUPID decision to go but Id rather hear, its too late you’re not gonna make it. Instead of all the stupid crap I’ve been through. Like literally, from wonderland to York university to downsview to Sheppard and Eglinton. Then allll the way to Bathurst. Im sooo pissed off. Just some shit friend would totally make me go through this. Literally that just drew the line for me. Im done


사랑은 바다를 닮은것같다,
I think love is a lot like the ocean,

얕을때는 시끄럽고,
it is noisy when shallow,

그리고 깊을때는 조용하고.

and silent when deep.

Ive always thought there was a place of me in your heart somewhere. I was way off and wrong. For all the years, that ive felt throughout all these emotional rollercoasters..constantly fought you and been with you and tried different things. Ive always thought of waiting for you in the end. I did and now i dont know what to do but all i know is that i have to start all over.No matter how fucking hard you were to tolerate, i knew i wanted to get myself into that. Even if not a single soul believed in us… I did.I mean now that I heard it loud and clear. Its time to truly change my place of heart. Give it time and make room for someone else. I wanted to think that things will go that way but it’s fast how another’s opinion doesnt follow through and quickly change the way how i act upon this entire thing. I hate to admit how hurt and how wrong ive been this entire time but i have to learn because thats all that there is. I know one thing that ive done that i havent done with anyone else was that i truly gave my “time, love and effort because thats how much i cared”


Kill La Kill ♥