cutting my hair in june, cause my faggits love it short.

"clingy for the ling yee"

"But…as bad as it was, I learned something about myself. That I could go through something like that and survive."

—(via mmaaddisonn)

amount of selfies taken today. Thought I was gonna get my braces off but didn’t. Loving chocolate covered caramel popcorn, drank melissa’s drink. Played pool with randoms. I loveeee breakwall today with good friends. Having big dreams collaborating with A&C and opening a shop with them.

honestly Idc who it is. From now on, if I want things to work out, it will. If we fight, hell I will fight back. If we’re too stubborn to forgive each other, I will run back to you no matter. I’m tired of making decision of losing people but man do I want to start fresh. I dont want to lose people anymore because of fucked up choices. I just want to stick with someone and know how real things get. For once, I just want to believe good things will come in the end. I want to walk away from the past leaving in good terms. I want to have no remorse on those who judge me on my job title and live happy. I’m always trying to work things out with my identity. I love that i tried being a femme because it feels good to be pretty but I love being just as comfortable as a studwife/stemmelife. I am me and not stress anymore on the things that usually bothers me.

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